Friday 22 November 2013

Christmas DInner

The most wonderful time of the year is arriving! In Portugal, this is a magical time for reflection, joy, and gathering of family and friends. It is also the time of the year when mouthwatering meat and cod delicacies and delicious desserts are eaten.

If you would like to get a taste of the Portuguese Christmas traditions, come and join us in our very popular Christmas dinner on the 8th of December at the Centre at St Paul’s (Hills Road), from 7.30 pm, with authentic home-made Portuguese food.

Tickets will be pre-booked and will be sold on a first-come first-served basis so hurry up because this event is always sold out! Only 50 places will be available!

To get a ticket to the dinner you need to buy it online by following this link:

We look forward to seeing you and sharing with you the most Portuguese Christmas of Cambridge.

What: Christmas Dinner 2013
When: 8th of December, 7.30pm
Where: Lower Hall, of the Centre at St Paul's, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP
Price: £12,00 for Members, £16,00 for Non-Members

Event partner:

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Magusto - Chestnut Celebration

You are all welcome to join us for our traditional ‘Magusto’ (or Chestnut Celebration), next Sunday (17th) at 7pm in the Centre at St Paul's (Hills Road)!

The celebration of roasted chestnuts is associated with a legend, which says that a Roman soldier, later known as Martin of Tours, once rode his horse by an almost naked beggar on a rainy day, and having nothing to give, he cut his cloak in half with his sword and gave it to him. Legend has it that at that exact moment it stopped raining, which is why, according to the legend, it is always sunny on St Martin's day - this is often referred to as "St Martin's summer".

As usual we will have the amazing Portuguese roasted chestnuts, but also some other traditional Portuguese snacks and drinks! Entertainment will be guaranteed by popular music and traditional games!

We are looking forward to see you all there!

What: Magusto 2013

When: 17th of November, 7.00pm

Where: Lower Hall, of the Centre at St Paul's, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP

Price: £3,00 for Members, £5,00 for Guests

World Food Festival 2013

We will be present in this year's iCUSO World Food Festival!
So come along on Saturday 23 to taste some good food from Portugal and all over the world!

Don't forget to buy your tickets in advance so you don't have to queue (more info below).

Hope to see you all there!

Date: 23rd November 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: St Andrew's Street Baptist Church 

Join us for an amazing food night!

Thursday 17 October 2013

Fresher's Squash

The Fresher’s Squash is the CUPortSS' event to welcome the newcomers to Cambridge and to introduce them to the Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society.

This year, we are organising a wine tasting event that will go along the squash. There will be a selection of Port and Douro wines. We will also have Portuguese food (and more drinks!). And everything is for free.

Do you need more reasons to attend? We can give a couple more:

- If you have never been to an event organised by the CUPortSS this is a great opportunity to come and get to know us.
- If you have been to previous CUPortSS events this is a great opportunity to re-encounter familiar faces and meet new people.

Also, if you have met any new Portuguese speaker or any person interested in the Portuguese culture in general, do let them know about this event! The more the merrier! We will be more than happy to help any newcomers with anything that we can, so if you have any questions don't hesitate and email us!

Where: Graduate Union
When: Saturday the 19th of October 2013

Wine tasting pictures

CUPORTSS Talks - Eduardo Bragança - Pictures

CUPortSS Talks with Eduardo Braganca

Wednesday 7 August 2013

CUPORTSS Summer picnic

In order to celebrate that Summer is still around and to make the most of the sunny weather, CUPortSS has decided to organise a Summer pic-nic. The idea is for you to bring something to share with your fellow pic-niquers (we suggest fries, fruit, bread and some portuguese goodies such as rissóis, croquetes e empadas). There will be sangria, juices and beer.

Bring friends and family and meet us at our gazebo on the southwest part of Jesus green (near Portugal Street) next Saturday, from 3.30pm.

Don't forget to bring your pic-nic rug!!!

Hope to see you there! Apareçam!

When: Saturday, August 10th
What time: 3:30 pm
Where: Jesus Green
Prices: £2 (CUPortSS members), £3 (non-members)

Monday 1 July 2013

Bike RIde to Ely

Portugal has a great tradition of tourism tours for old people. The tours to the almond blossom are the most famous.

Unfortunately we do not have almond trees in Cambridgeshire so we cannot create a tour like that. But we have lots of beautiful landscapes where we can cycle.

Bring your bike and let's celebrate the summer, the Cambridgeshire Countryside, and the two Portuguese cyclists that are in the Tour de France: Rui Costa and Sérgio Paulinho.

We will start Saturday, the 6th at 9.30am, in front of Guildhall and we will cycle towards Ely. 

We will visit Anglesey Abbey (maybe they have Almond Flowers there), we will have a picnic in the Fens and then we will visit Ely with its famous Cathedral (Where scenes of the 'King's Speech' movie were filmed) and Oliver Cromwell's House. Then, you can come back to Cambridge by train or cycle again!

This is not a race! Our peloton will be always compact and we will choose a speed that fits everyone. And there are no hills in the fens, so don't be afraid: You can do it!
The tour is completely free but you must pay the tickets if you want to visit the places mentioned above.
You will need:
- A bike (always needed for bike tours)
- Food to share (for the picnic, but you may buy something at Aglesey Abbey or at Wicken Fen)
- Helmet (not mandatory)
- Spare tube (You may have a puncture, some small sections are in gravel)
- Happiness (If you don't bring you will certainly get it in the end)

All riders in the Bike Ride to Ely do so entirely at their own risk.
CUPORTSS and its agents cannot accept any responsibility for personal accident, loss, or damage to cycles, equipment and personal effects or any public liability.
All riders are deemed to have accepted these conditions by entering the event.

Thursday 6 June 2013

Celebrating Santos Populares – The People's Saints

 13th June at 3.30pm
Jesus Green

June is the people’s saints month.
Saint António on the 13th, saint João on the 24th and saint Pedro on the 29th.
Street balls, sardines on bread, coloured lamps, basil plants and popular verses: this is the portuguese tradition in sunny June!
Once again CUPortSS celebrates the three saints traditions in one popular and exclusive event: The Santos Barbecue.
Bring friends and family and meet us at our gazeebo on the southwest part of jesus green from 3.30pm.
There will be sardines, music, badmington, jogo do galo (noughts and crosses), hamburgers, sangria, portuguese (chinese) lamps.
Hope to see you there! Apareçam!


Our third Film Night of 2013 will show "Blindness", a film based on the novel written by the Nobel Prize winner José Saramago and directed by the acclaimed Fernando Meirelles.
Join us to watch the result of this Portuguese/Brazilian combination, which was premiered as the opening film at the Canes Film Festival in 2008.

Synopsis: As a city is ravaged by an epidemic of sudden blindness, its victims are quarantined in a derelict hospital where a woman (Julianne Moore) fakes the illness to care for her beloved husband (Mark Ruffalo). From here, she leads an unlikely group into a brutal world that has descended into total chaos. With danger around every corner, how will they survive?

IMDB and trailler: 6.6/10:

When: Thursday, 13th of June
What time: 7.30 pm
Where: Emmanuel College, Queen's Building Lecture (
Price: Free

Notes 1 : All foreign language films showed by the CUPortSS are subtitled in English.
Notes 2: Someone from the Society's committee will be at the entrance of the College from 7.15 pm until 7.30 pm and the Porter will tell you where the room is if you're late or can't find anyone.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

"A Taste of Douro" - Wine Tasting

In May 25th at Saint John's College, a workshop led Paulo Osório, former Vice President of the Port and Douro Wine Institute (IVDP), followed by a Wine Tasting session. This is a great chance to know a bit more about the oldest Demarcated Wine-producing Region in the World and its famous Port and Douro wines. We hope you can come for a fun and relaxing afternoon and enjoy one of Portugal’s greatest pleasures!

Workshop + Wine Tasting Session: £8 Members, £12 Non members
Wine Tasting Session only: £4 Members, £6 Non members

Book by e-mail:

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Eduardo Bragança - CUPortSS talks

CUPortSS invites Eduardo Braganca, a distinguished voice in the portuguese contemporary art to present his latest project Exploring Emotions. 12 documentarie movies about 12 diferent questions made randomly in 12 Cities and over 12 months. This art project wishes to eternalize people as part of their own creations, allowing spontaneous thoughts and a spiritual thinking to be as much inspiring process as a work of art. Ending in a painting exhibition for 2013, this 12 documentary films explores people emotions and the inner self questioning, turning people into the art piece of this creation. Join us enjoying a saturday evening dialogue with Eduardo and discover where Art is, after all.

Thursday 25 April 2013

April 25th Party

April 25th is one of the most emblematic Portuguese holidays. It marks the 1975 Revolution that ended 48 years of Fascism and brought freedom and democracy to our Country!

To celebrate this datewe will organise a party next Saturday (27th April) at the Graduate Union. We will have drinks, Portuguese nibbles and our usual Quiz about the 1974 revolution, with a prize for the winner!

So come and join us in the celebration of freedom and democracy and prepare for a great evening to the sound of Zeca Afonso and many others.

Prices: Members - £3; Non-Members - £4

Cinco Dias, Cinco Noites - Film Night

Cinco dias, cinco noites - Poster

Our second Film Night of 2013 will show "Five Days, Five Nights", a film made by José Fonseca e Costa and was released the 25th of April 1996.

Join us celebrating the film's 17th year on our next movie night.

Synopsis: "Five Days, Five Nights" is an excellent film adaptation of the novel by Alvaro Cunhal written under the pseudonym Manuel Tiago on the odyssey of a young runaway who in the late 40's is forced to cross the border in the company of a smuggler. José Fonseca e Costa signs a film smart and sensitive, it is above all a subtle evocation of a country dominated by a regime that has forced many to escape and exile, as well as a fascinating story of friendship between two men from different universes that in the midst of adversity eventually discover a mutual admiration. A beautiful film from Fonseca e Costa with a great work of photography from Affonso Beato and two excellent performances in charge of Vitor Norte and Paulo Vitor Pires.

IMDB: 6.7/10:

When: Thursday, 25th of April
What time: 7.30 pm
Where: Emmanuel College, Queen's Building Lecture (
Prices: Free

Notes 1 : All foreign language films showed by the CUPortSS are subtitled in English.
Notes 2: Someone from the Society's committee will be at the entrance of the College from 7.15 pm until 7.30 pm and the Porter will tell you where the room is if you're late or can't find anyone.

Monday 11 March 2013

Carnival Party – Friday, 15th March 2013, Wolfson College

After the success of last year, we will continue to celebrate Carnival in the Wolfson College. It is a great opportunity to show the Portuguese and Brazilian in the University of Cambridge, one the big aims of CuPortSS. We are happy to announce that the Samba Band Arco Iris, the best Samba Band in town, will make a performance starting at 10pm. Music animation will be provided by resident DJs. Be ready to have a nice time, dancing to the rhythms of Brazilian music. 

We will sell 100 tickets in advance, to guarantee that all CuPortSS members and friends will enter on this party. To guarantee our place, please send an email to with “Advance ticket for Carnival party” as subject (first-come first-served basis). Remember to bring your fancier mask and costume, since this is a Carnival party. There will be a prize for the best costume!!

When: Saturday, 15th of March

What time: 9m
Prices: CuPortSS Menber: £2; Non-Member: 3£

Where: Wolfson College - Club Room

Facebook event.

Samba Band Arco Iris.

Don't forget to confirm by e-mail

All best, and hope to see you all there,
Carnival Party organizing committee

Friday 8 March 2013

Portuguese writer Cristina Carvalho at King's College London

17.00 - 19.00, Thursday 14 March 2013, Anatomy Museum, Strand Campus, King's College London


Cristina Carvalho is author of several novels, such as A Casa das Auroras (2011), O Gato de Uppsala and Nocturno: o romance de Chopin (2009).
She has also published in magazines and journals, namely in Jornal de Letras and Egoísta. Her most recent novel, Marginal, is launched next week in Lisbon.
Cristina Carvalho will focus on her writing career and her literary work. Introduced by Luisa Pinto Teixeira, and discussed by Maria José Ribeiro, the lecturer of Portuguese of Camões, IP. at King’s , the writer will then answer questions from the public.

Room K1.26 | School of Arts and Humanities King's College London | Strand | WC2R 2LS | t: 020 7848 2375 | f: 020 7848 2415

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Film Night "Tabu" – Thursday, 7th March, Darwin College

Our first Film Night of 2013 will show "Tabu", a film from the director Miguel Gomes that has won several international awards.

Synopsis: Miguel Gomes returns with Tabu, an engaging, provocative and poetic film set both in Portugal and in an un-named African location. Bearing the same title as F. W. Murnau’s classic Tabu (1931), shot in black and white and taking place at least partly in a distant land, Gomes’ third feature film is divided in two distinctive yet complementary storylines. Whilst the first part, shot in 35mm and in the present time, portrays a society wallowing in nostalgia, the second part, shot in 16mm, goes back in time and plays with history, sound, the concept of linear narration, as well as the ideas of melodrama, slapstick, passion and tragedy. Both parts feature Aurora at two different stages of her life: an older Aurora regrets a past long gone while a younger Aurora dreams of a more passionate life. A virtuoso film, Tabu also offers a reflection on Europe’s colonial past.

IMDB: 7.4/10

Notes: All foreign language films showed by the CUPortSS are subtitled in English.

The room has a full capacity of 30 people (first come first served)

When: Thursday, 7th of March
What time: 7.30 pm
Where: Darwin College - TV Room

(Someone from the Society's committee will be at the entrance of the College from 7.15 pm until 7.30 pm and the Porter will tell you where the room is if you're late or can't find anyone).