Thursday 25 April 2013

Cinco Dias, Cinco Noites - Film Night

Cinco dias, cinco noites - Poster

Our second Film Night of 2013 will show "Five Days, Five Nights", a film made by José Fonseca e Costa and was released the 25th of April 1996.

Join us celebrating the film's 17th year on our next movie night.

Synopsis: "Five Days, Five Nights" is an excellent film adaptation of the novel by Alvaro Cunhal written under the pseudonym Manuel Tiago on the odyssey of a young runaway who in the late 40's is forced to cross the border in the company of a smuggler. José Fonseca e Costa signs a film smart and sensitive, it is above all a subtle evocation of a country dominated by a regime that has forced many to escape and exile, as well as a fascinating story of friendship between two men from different universes that in the midst of adversity eventually discover a mutual admiration. A beautiful film from Fonseca e Costa with a great work of photography from Affonso Beato and two excellent performances in charge of Vitor Norte and Paulo Vitor Pires.

IMDB: 6.7/10:

When: Thursday, 25th of April
What time: 7.30 pm
Where: Emmanuel College, Queen's Building Lecture (
Prices: Free

Notes 1 : All foreign language films showed by the CUPortSS are subtitled in English.
Notes 2: Someone from the Society's committee will be at the entrance of the College from 7.15 pm until 7.30 pm and the Porter will tell you where the room is if you're late or can't find anyone.

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