Thursday 6 June 2013

Celebrating Santos Populares – The People's Saints

 13th June at 3.30pm
Jesus Green

June is the people’s saints month.
Saint António on the 13th, saint João on the 24th and saint Pedro on the 29th.
Street balls, sardines on bread, coloured lamps, basil plants and popular verses: this is the portuguese tradition in sunny June!
Once again CUPortSS celebrates the three saints traditions in one popular and exclusive event: The Santos Barbecue.
Bring friends and family and meet us at our gazeebo on the southwest part of jesus green from 3.30pm.
There will be sardines, music, badmington, jogo do galo (noughts and crosses), hamburgers, sangria, portuguese (chinese) lamps.
Hope to see you there! Apareçam!


Our third Film Night of 2013 will show "Blindness", a film based on the novel written by the Nobel Prize winner José Saramago and directed by the acclaimed Fernando Meirelles.
Join us to watch the result of this Portuguese/Brazilian combination, which was premiered as the opening film at the Canes Film Festival in 2008.

Synopsis: As a city is ravaged by an epidemic of sudden blindness, its victims are quarantined in a derelict hospital where a woman (Julianne Moore) fakes the illness to care for her beloved husband (Mark Ruffalo). From here, she leads an unlikely group into a brutal world that has descended into total chaos. With danger around every corner, how will they survive?

IMDB and trailler: 6.6/10:

When: Thursday, 13th of June
What time: 7.30 pm
Where: Emmanuel College, Queen's Building Lecture (
Price: Free

Notes 1 : All foreign language films showed by the CUPortSS are subtitled in English.
Notes 2: Someone from the Society's committee will be at the entrance of the College from 7.15 pm until 7.30 pm and the Porter will tell you where the room is if you're late or can't find anyone.