Friday 27 November 2015

Tiago Brandão Rodrigues is Portugal's new Chief Minister of Education

CUPortSS congratulates its member Tiago Brandão Rodrigues after his nomination to be the new Chief Minister of Education in Portugal. Tiago was a member of the committee in 2011 and 2012 and contributed for the success of this society during those years.

It is now with a great honour that we have our member in the most important role in Portugal's education sector. We wish him the very best of luck and we are sure Tiago will do an excellent work!

Força Tiago!

A CUPortSS quer congratular Tiago Brandão Rodrigues após a sua nomeação como novo Ministro da Educação em Portugal. O Tiago foi membro do Comité em 2011 e 2012 e contribuiu para o sucesso da sociedade durante esses anos.

Sentimo-nos honrados por um dos nossos membros assumir o papel mais importante no sector da Educação em Portugal. Desejamos toda a sorte do mundo e estamos certos que o Tiago fará um excelente trabalho.

Força Tiago!

Monday 16 November 2015

Magusto - Chestnut Event

There are quite a few chestnut trees in town.
Some of you may have noticed them on Jesus Green, and the chestnuts that they leave behind.
Maybe some of you have considered taking some chestnuts home, but then again, these chestnuts are probably best thought of as being property of squirrels and other local wild-life, which need every help they can get in their search for food, shelter, and post-doc positions.

If anyone was adventurous enough to roast a few of these chestnuts, then I'm very, very sorry. And as you probably know by now, the chestnuts found on the ground around Cambridge are in fact mildly poisonous. As those high beautiful trees are no simple chestnut trees, but rater horse‑chestnut trees, chosen more for their looks than for what they produce.

Speaking of chestnuts, the annual CUPortSS Magusto will be next Saturday, 21st of November at 6:30, St Paul's Church.
We have some tasty, non-poisonous chestnuts brought in directly from Portugal.
We also have red wine, as well as wine of other colours.
Last but not least, we're also having some delicious Francesinhas, a characteristic Portuguese dish.

The prices are as follows:
Entry - Members £4
Entry - Non-Members £6
Half Francesinha £5

The entry ticket includes chestnuts and wine.
The Half Francesinha is an extra, but it is not everyday that one manages to get a good Francesinha in town.

November 21st
Centre at Saint Paul's