Wednesday 30 July 2014

Bike Ride to Saint Ives

After the great success of our last year's ride to Ely we are creating a new tradition of CUPORTSS' bike rides.

Inspired by the visit of the best Portuguese cyclists during the Tour de France Stage 3, we are now going to Saint Ives using the traffic free busway.

Saint Ives is a historic market town whose name is related to the body of a Persian Bishop called Saint Ivo who was found buried in the town in about 1001/2.

 It is 12 miles North East of Cambridge in a flat landscape so it is a ride suitable to everyone. We are planning a picnic there and a ride back to Cambridge in the afternoon.

This is not a race! Our peloton will be always compact and we will choose a speed that fits everyone. And there are no hills in the fens, so don't be afraid: You can do it! The tour is completely free!

You will need:

- A bike (always needed for bike tours)
- Food to share (for the picnic, but you can also buy something at Saint Ives)
- Helmet (not mandatory)
- Spare tube (you may get a puncture)
- Happiness (If you don't bring you will certainly get it in the end)


All riders in the Bike Ride to Ely do so entirely at their own risk. CUPORTSS and its agents cannot accept any responsibility for personal accident, loss, or damage to cycles, equipment and personal effects or any public liability. All riders are deemed to have accepted these conditions by entering the event.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Santos BBQ - Celebrating "Santos Populares"

June is the month where the cities in Portugal light up to celebrate their Saints. Saint António is celebrated on the 13th, Saint João on the 24th and Saint Pedro on the 29th.
In Cambridge we will celebrate them all together in what promises to be a fantastic day!

Save the 6th of July to join us for the "Santos BBQ".
There will be plenty of delicious grilled sardines on bread, hamburgers, sangria, lively music, badminton, Portuguese (chinese) lamps and loads of fun!

Bring your friends and family and meet us at our gazebo on the southwest part of Jesus Green from 2.30pm.

Hope to see you there! Apareçam!

When: Sunday, 6th July
What time: 2:30 pm
Where: Jesus Green
Prices: £5 (CUPortSS members), £7 (non-members) - food and drinks included!