The Cambridge University Portuguese Speakers Society (CUPortSS) is based in Cambridge, UK, and exists to promote the culture of Portuguese speaking countries.

Having more than 200 registered members the Society has been in activity for more than 10 years, organizing a wide variety of events throughout the year. Some of the most recognized events are the Carnival Party, Carnation Revolution celebration, the Popular Saints Barbecue, the Magusto (Saint Martin's Day Celebration), Film Nights, and the Christmas dinner.

Joining us!

Knowing Portuguese is not a requirement for being a member of CUPortSS. Any person interested in joining our Society is more than welcome to do so. We have an official email that you can contact us via email to cuportss[at]gmail.com, or through our Facebook page, but probably the best way to join the Society is to come to one of our events. Check our calendar in the events page.