Tuesday 12 November 2013

Magusto - Chestnut Celebration

You are all welcome to join us for our traditional ‘Magusto’ (or Chestnut Celebration), next Sunday (17th) at 7pm in the Centre at St Paul's (Hills Road)!

The celebration of roasted chestnuts is associated with a legend, which says that a Roman soldier, later known as Martin of Tours, once rode his horse by an almost naked beggar on a rainy day, and having nothing to give, he cut his cloak in half with his sword and gave it to him. Legend has it that at that exact moment it stopped raining, which is why, according to the legend, it is always sunny on St Martin's day - this is often referred to as "St Martin's summer".

As usual we will have the amazing Portuguese roasted chestnuts, but also some other traditional Portuguese snacks and drinks! Entertainment will be guaranteed by popular music and traditional games!

We are looking forward to see you all there!

What: Magusto 2013

When: 17th of November, 7.00pm

Where: Lower Hall, of the Centre at St Paul's, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP

Price: £3,00 for Members, £5,00 for Guests

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